Facts You May Not Know About Log Cabins

Facts You May Not Know About Log Cabins

There are currently over 500,000 log homes in the United States which account for about 7% of the whole custom home market in the country. More and more people are deciding to build log cabins and houses. It is appealing to both people that have limited resources as well as those with lots of money as the homes become more and more artistically designed and luxurious.

During the mid 1980's, about 15,000 log homes and cabins were being sold every year. This number increased by 73% by 2003. Presently, over 26,000 log homes are sold yearly. What was once a trend of building from logs for vacation or hunting homes, had now become a choice of home owners for their primary residence. Even earlier, the use of log cabins, especially if a formal home was built near it was used as a shelter for animals, a chicken coop or for utilities. Majestic log homes have come a long way!

A log cabin is simply a small abode made of logs. It is generally more rustic than a log house and is generally a small, more rustic cabin that is often found located in the woods.A log home is technically similar to log cabins except that they are much bigger and are made from larger logs that are generally hand crafted or milled. Generally speaking when you view websites on the Internet to get details about log homes or cabins, they are often referred to as the same thing.

Canada and the United States have some big forests and woods, where numerous log cabins are built. One of the enduring symbols of American history is the log cabin. Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson, were born in a log cabins. Unknown to many however, the log cabin loved by Americans is not their own invention, rather, it was the Swedish settlers who took up camp in 1683 in

Delaware and when they came to the US, they decided to build houses made of logs as Sweden had plenty of big trees and the settlers were already familiar with log cabin construction.

Presently, there are already more that 600 producers of log cabins and houses in the whole industry. This gives those looking to have a log home a wider array of choices, on which producer is the better one to provide their home requirements.

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