Gorgeous Rustic Log Cabin Charmer is Only $12,000? I Want It!

Gorgeous Rustic Log Cabin Charmer is Only $12,000? I Want It!

There is something about log house living that sets it apart from other types of home designs. Cabin buildings are built with wood, and there is no other building material like it. Using wood in your cabin buildings and log house designs is a good way to be eco-friendly and have a home that is efficient. A wood cabin is a home design that is the embodiment of peace, security, and eco-compatibility. In this busy world, a wood cabin with a view of nature might just be one of the best ideas you can use in your cabin building. You will find this rustic cabin building at the Archiline Log Houses site, and these wood cabins have a Dutch style of building you will love. On top of being attractive, these cabin buildings are also priced affordably. This rustic cabin building has a spacious living room with a window and a door at the front side, which help to give a feeling of lightness, and unity with nature. There are three glass doors on the facade of the cabin building that help to provide a separate entrance from the patio to the bedroom and the living room. Above the master bedroom in this cabin building, there can be an extra bed that can help to accommodate guests, or you can use it as a spot for the kids to hang out. You'll want to take a closer look at this rustic cabin building at the Archiline Log Houses site.

This rustic wood cabin has a great covered terrace where you can enjoy your morning cup of tea, and time spent outdoors. The covered outdoor patio can be used throughout the year with patio furniture as a place to sit back and relax. A covered patio on a cabin building is almost a must if you can have one, as it offers a bit of protection from the elements, and it also extends the interior space outdoors. With the Archiline Log Houses kits, you will have all of the building materials delivered to the building site, where you will want to have the foundation ready for the cabin building. Achililine Log Homes are located in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. This site provides an excellent resource if a cabin building or log house is something you've been considering.

The location where you build your cabin building is important. It is a well-known fact that the cabin building position where your building can have a big effect on the overall energy efficiency of a wood cabin. Whether it is the meridian or latitudinal direction of the cabin building, the wood cabin will be heated differently, as it gets different amounts of sun light throughout the day. That is why it is highly recommended that you direct your cabin building to the south, so that you locate the cabin building in the latitudinal direction, as the sun heats the house so that you wont face extra expense on cooling the rooms in the log house. Over 80 percent of the daylight hours can be lightened by natural light, which is a good way to save money. When thinking about cabin buildings with large windows, you should know that while they will allow plenty of sunlight into your cabin buildings, however smaller window will help to preserve heat. So you will want to find some sort of compromise. Most probably you will have to give up all those panoramic windows installing. You will want to place the room where you are going to spend most of your time on the wall that is most sunlight, which is the south.

You will find this rustic cabin building kit at the ArchiLine site. On the site, you will find rustic cabin building kits, log houses, wood cabin plans, wooden saunas, pergolas, and so much more. **

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