How to Live Debt Free by Building a Tiny House

How to Live Debt Free by Building a Tiny House

How much is it going to cost you to build a tiny house? You will likely be surprised at the answer in this featured article. A quick answer would be costs are dependant on the style and design that you plan to use.

Factors will include if you are doing it yourself or hiring labor. Are you living in an area that requires permits? If so how much will that add on. Are you going to build your tiny house from brand new building materials or are you going to use reclaimed/recycled materials? What about the interior finishings? Will you be going with an expensive finish for your countertops such as a granite top or will you be using a counter-top from recycle or even a more simple one from a building supply store?

What about the plumbing and the wiring. Who is going to do all of these things?

In the featured article, we have Beth, who built a 120 sq.ft. House on wheels. It has a porch and a sleeping loft. Beth used reclaimed materials and got them in like-new condition at great prices. Her interior also utilized windows, cabinets, sinks, a countertop flooring and some furniture. She was very thrifty if her choices. Even with being mindful of her materials, she ended up spending about $14,200 on materials which included a wagon chassis. She also spent $7000 on labor costs. This place cost her about $21,200.

The second house in this article was 348 sq.ft., so double the size and the cost wast $8,270.

That you can see, that is is a pretty big range in costs! What are the details on the larger place and how did it all compare? Visit the 'Homestead Honey' website below, you will get a better understanding of what went into each project.

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